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Based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada, I have a bachelors degree in Industrial Design from Emily Carr University of Art + Design and a background in Chemical-Physics and Forensic Science from Simon Fraser University. In 2014, I've launched my personal design studio during my study at Emily Carr and have since worked with healthcare authorities, independent clients, international companies, and local start-ups from all over the world

As a designer who is crazy about User-Centred Design, I am always looking to design the best (we all know there is no such thing as perfect design) solution for the user(s). Whether it is for residents 70+ y.o. in a long-term-care home seeking for a more home-like environment, or a city looking to promote its arts & culture via BLE iBeacons, I am always excited to ask lots of questions and get to the bottom of the needs of the users. My background in science and research has also helped me to stand out from other designers as I always approach design opportunities with a scientific rigour, which makes me extremely methodical and meticulous. Let's just say I love solving puzzles...and I solve them well!

Throughout my career, I have designed brands, logos, websites, print materials, environmental solutions, product, and UI/UX for local and international businesses with major brand clients such as Coca-Cola, the Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation (CABHI) powered by Baycrest, and Providence Healthcare. My designs can be seen in various locations throughout Vancouver, and some are currently undergoing pilot clinical studies at hospitals and long-term-care homes.

Design may be complex, but the process doesn't have to be.

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Senior Product Designer.

october 2017 — present
MindfulGarden Digital Health, Inc.

Design Consultant.

june 2016 — present
Mida Huang Real Estate Agent

Design Consultant.

may 2017 — present
TerraTap Technologies Inc.

Design Mentor.

september 2018 — december 2019
Game of Apps

UI / UX Design.

march 2019
QuantaSphere Inc.

Branding & Logo Design.

july 2018
Keystart Mortgage

Web Design.

february 2018
Weiler Smith Bowers

Human-Centred Design Workshop Speaker

october 2016 — february 2017
Health Design Lab, ECUAD

"Designing the Patient Experience" Workshop Speaker

june 2017
National Health Leadership Conference

SPARK: IlluminAid.

april 2017 — december 2017

Dunsmuir Plaza Renewal Project.

april 2017
BC Hydro & Living Labs

Mobile App UI/UX Design.

april 2017
Neartuit & Living Labs

Hearing Aid Design.

february 2017
Orello Hearing Technologies Inc.

Restaurant Menu Design.

december 2016
Coca-Cola, Pepper Lunch

Branding & Graphics Design.

november 2016

Packaging Design.

august 2016
I-Shou University & TTT

Poster Design.

july 2016

Promotional Graphics Design.

june 2016

Show Booth Design.

may 2016
H+ Technologies Inc.

Launched Studio.

june 2014
M_Lee Designs

My clients.

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